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Cutting down the cost of fuel

We think that oil is a pretty cost effective way of heating a property, especially as it means you know up front how much you’ll be paying. But what if you could make it even cheaper? Well, you can! The answer is one of our group reduction deals.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple; it’s easier for us to deliver to a group of properties who are close by, and we like to pass that ease along. If you get together with other people who also need to buy fuel and form a syndicate, we’ll be able to offer a reduction in price!

How much is a group reduction?

The size of the reduction will really depend on how many people are involved in the syndicate, how far apart the properties are and how much fuel is going to be ordered.

Contact us to discuss how this will work – or for a quote once you’ve worked out quite what you’ll need.

Contact us to discuss group
reductions today on
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